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  Steve Heising has been supporting Customized TeleMagic Database applications since 1986. He began by writing and updating his own contact managent systems for Radio Shack and Kaypro (before IBM's PC, and before Windows) computers, and has been working with people, TeleMagic and networked computer systems since 1986.

Mr Heising holds a BS degree in the Biological Sciences 1978, and an MBA in Management Information Systems in 1991 from the University of Arizona. He was named to Phi Beta Kappa and Beta Gamma Sigma honorary societies. He has worked for entrepreneurerial ventures and small businesses most of his career including Evans BioControl where he was instrumental in raising 8.5 million in venture capital and in managing the company's growth to over 60 empoyees in 3 locations. As an independent TeleMagic Authorized Marketing Partner Consultant, he has worked with large and small companies of all types.

Mr. Heising currently holds a National Ski Patrol Appointment (Number 8210) and is currently serving in his 31st year of active volunteer ski patrolling. He currently hangs his downhill skiis at Ski Loveland. Previously with the Hesperus Ski Patrol, he served twice as Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors. Mr Heising is a former Winter Emergency Care Instructor, Avalanche Instructor, Stage II Ski and Tobboggan Examiner.

Mr. Heising became an independent TeleMagic Authorized Marketing Partner in 1989 and has been building customized sales and marketing systems for a variety of clients ever since. Having tried many other systems over the years, he returns to TeleMagic everytime as the most reasonable, most capable, Best price/performance user customizable solution available today.

"He never understood why Sage did not release a keystroke compatible windows version then insisted on continuously abusing their customers by putting sales hype, and untested new releases before software benefits, features, and reliability." They impose an pretty substantial overhead burden on their TeleMagic marketing partners, they failed to respect the value of their customers time. They lacked an understanding of exactly what TeleMagic did better than anything else back in 1985, and still does today and is and why customers buy it. They failed most often by not understanding that their customers want to get on with their businesses and are not interested in features that do not work properly or in debugging software. They generally failed to adequately test and debug their software prior to each new release. (Hindsight being 20/20 or better.) They got it right with Version 5.0SP4 Even Unsupported for 5 years it was the first Sage Package to run on Windows Vista boxes :)"

Another TeleMagic dealer in Denver back in 1991 or 1992 gave him the handle "Dr TeleMagic" because his TeleMagic network installations actually worked. (By then it should have been an honorary Phd., as in Piled Higher and Deeper). It's one thing to sell some body some software, and quite another to understand their business needs and actually have to make it work for them in their environment. The Independent TeleMagic Reseller Model has been uniquely successful in bringing together talented people who can make it work for the customer.

"TeleMagic isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but when it works properly it is pretty amazing. I've actually tried to use Act and Goldmine and several of the others over the last 15 years, and have even tried representing these companies and supporting clients and each time, I have been pretty disappointed with the results."

- Steve Heising

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The Readme.txt files contain the only
source of information on what works,
what has been fixed, and what has
been added to the various
versions of TeleMagic.

Here are some from my collection:

TeleMagic 4.5.6 Readme.txt

TeleMagic 4.5.5 Readme.txt

System Requirements for TeleMagic 4.x
vs TeleMagic Net Client 4.5

TeleMagic Automation Server

TeleMagic Net Client

TMNC&AS Readme 3/14/01

TMNetClient Browser Edition

  Marketing Center Associates can put TeleMagic and the Internet to work for your business. We build and support customized TeleMagic business communications systems that increase your communications efficiency (saving you money) and productivity (helping you increase sales, improve the bottom line). We offer a combination of Telephone, PCAnywhere Remote Control and On-Site Services on an hourly, daily or project basis.

Supporting TeleMagic is a moving target. Each time a new version of any program that touches TeleMagic is updated, there are support issues. This includes changes to Anything Windows, Any Word Processing programs and any Linked Accounting systems. Heaven help you if three or four of these change at the same time.

And then each time TeleMagic is upgraded from one version to the next, there are a new set of problems to be addressed. It is the nature of the beast. The cycle begins anew. It would be easier if they would just get it right the first time and then supporting it would be a lot easier. Each time you upgrade software, you probabally also need to upgrade your hardware. 32 bit software on machine X is never faster or better than 16 bit software on the same machine X. If you upgrade and it is too slow, you need to upgrade your hardware.

  Some Annotated TeleMagic FAQ are listed here. This is the stuff you need to know to be successful with telemagic.

TeleMagic and Windows NT/2000

Disable Your Virus Checker

Mininum System Requirements

Recovering from Errors or
(why we make backups)

TeleMagic's Technical Support Web Site

No Guarantees
No Warranties:
  THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Nor is TeleMagic merchantable or fit for any purpose whatsoever. ... No incidental or consequential damages... All software and hardware are supplied AS IS, Bugs defects and all. All work is supplied on a "best efforts" basis with no promise that the work will result in success of any kind. Accounts that become past due agree to 1.5% per month late fees and agree that all work stops until the account is brought current.

With legalese like that it's a wonder that any body can get it to do anything. It's been a pretty customer unfriendly environment down in Dallas ever since the "team in Texas and owners across the pond" took over. I've been their customer for fifteen years, and they continue still expect Us to find and report all their bugs, to constantly download and apply fixes and updates, (fix one thing and two more break) and all the time "All We Wanted" is for it to work like it is supposed to work.

Doesn't anybody really test the stuff before releasing in on unsuspecting customers? As it is pretty hard to make the software test function into a profit center, I've come to expect it to break in new and mysterious ways every time we try something new. I don't happen to like it however as it is a huge waste of time multiplied by 500 to 1000 active dealers. Version 5 is going to be released soon. Now is a good time to get into V3.5c++ or 4.5.6sp2 and get started with proven reliable combinations.

And I've learned over the years to try to treat my customers better than that. Fifteen years in the TeleMagic business, that's a long time.

TMDOS: V8.3b, V9, V10, V12,V12.3f, V14 V14.2,V14.5 V14.7

TMWindows: V1, V1.5, V2.x, V3.5c+, V4.x, V4.5.6sr2, NC1.0, NC1.5 and now V5. Here we go again.


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