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Steve Heising MBA, TeleMagic@USA.NET, has been customizing business information applications, increasing productivity and reducing costs since 1985. We put TeleMagic and the Internet to work for your business giving you a competitive information advantage. Our services applied to sales, human resources, membership, or any other contact-centered communication processes go straight to improving your bottom line.

Please Call Us for a Customized TeleMagic or USA.NET communication solution. We can help you get started on your own Customized, Turn-the-Crank, Communicate, Save Money, Make Money, Information is Money, Business Automation Machine Today. It's your bottom line, it's worth it.

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<<---Version 5 is now available 05/07/2001

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Is it time to rethink your contact management / customer relationship systems? Are there things you want to do but can't get your software to cooperate?

TeleMagic's New Version 5 for Windows now includes tools for the automation of most any type of business communication process including the internet, for both internal and external communication in your organization. Wordprocessing, Faxing, Emailing, Making and Returning Telephone Calls, Placing and Taking Orders, and Keeping Track of People, Things and Events, all activities that make up the bulk of any business day.

Software is increasingly important to the success and failure of an Enterprise. Pick good software and your business can thrive. The converse is also true.

Finding and deploying reliable contact software that is customized to fit your business used to mean hiring a programmer or programmers and analysts to write a custom system, or you settled for an off the shelf package that is better at least better than the paper based system you used to use. And then, when your needs changed, or the programmer moved on or when you wanted to upgrade to a newer version of Windows, you were stuck with a system that nobody knew how to update.

Or you settled for an off the shelf package, and then when you needed a new index, or a new report, or your database grew to more than a few thousand records, you hit headlong into one of the brick walls that so often crop up in lesser packages.

Custom contact software is not difficult to program or use anymore thanks to TeleMagic. With over 15 years of development, TeleMagic is the leader in customizability in the contact manager category. The speed of deployment for custom systems is unsurpassed for workgroup software at this price point. Marketing Center Associates has been building and supporting customized TeleMagic contact database systems for businesses since 1986.

Customer Relationship Management is Essential in the Internet Age. Building and managing relationships. How are you going to do that with your web site?

With TeleMagic, we start with a preconfigured template, or with blank screens and build a workgroup or enterprise wide communication system that helps you stay organized: helps you keep track of your conversations, promises and opportunities, while you build valuable relationships with your customers. We work with your staff to simplify and automate to fit your process wherever inmprovement and cost savings are possible. TeleMagic's relational database tools, security, screen designer, activity manager, and built in report generator allow each application we build to have a custom look and feel that presents the information in such a way as to be useful for the specific tasks that need to get done. We identify and priortize these tasks in a needs assessment and then subsequenty build a prototype and version 1, 2, and 3 updates. And you can change it easily and quickly whenever new opportunites present themselves.

An organized, customized, workgroup communication system can pay for itself in many ways throughout your organization no matter how big or how small.

Tying it all the communication ends together with TeleMagic is easier and more affordable than with any other comparable automation system. It works with the software you now have, Word 2000, Outlook 2000, WinNT, Win2k, and more. It becomes the "home page screen" for all your important information. The base system comes complete with all the database and screen designer tools you need to automate contacts, proposals, workorders, and communication by phone, letter, fax, email and more. Comunicate one on one, or one to many. Additional modules are available to add Internet functionality and to further automate your sales contact process. Create and print new formletters, reports, import and export files.

Ultimately, because everyone is working off the same page, you gain organizational effienciencies. You can make and take more phone calls, you become more organized. It gets harder and harder for things to fall thru the cracks. The information you need is in TeleMagic where it is easy to find. You can communicate more effectively with prospects and customers, and you can communicate internally more effectively as well. No more standing over the fax machine trying to get out 100 faxes, no more wondering if and when and who prepared a contract, when a contract expires and so on. It's all right there in TeleMagic, with a click of your mouse.

Is Your Email System working hard enough or are you paying too much? How much is it really costing you to provide hardware, software and email support per user for

Reliable and secure email and web based communication is increasingly important for companies today. Outsourcing your Email with USA.NET can save you time and money because there is no software to buy, no special hardware to run it, and no IT resources are required for setup, maintenance or upgrades. USA.NET is the largest provider of secure and reliable commercial internet branded email services for companies of all sizes. The costs for running your own system in-house can be 4 to 10 times the cost for an outsourced email system.

Join with us and you'll instantly reap benefits from our experience and economies of scale. Because we have one of the worlds largest email infrastructures, and handle 15 million email accounts for more than 3000 companies, you can save time, you save money while allowing your IT resouces to concentrate on activities that provide your company with a competitive information advantage. IT resources are expensive and scarce. Your internal resources are far too valuable to spend on supporting email when you can do it for less with USA.NET.

Tying it all Together TeleMagicUSA.NET

Using USA.NET services, Outlook2000, Word2000 and TeleMagic's Version 5, we can tie together all of your old fashioned paper, fax, and phone call information with all your new fangled email and web communications in one central customizable place. If we tie in your accounting order and entry system, we will have have built an automated business information machine. A "money machine" turning prospects into customers, that you can scale as appropriate, and that can drive your business success. Imagine having a history of all orders, all correspondence, all phone call, all email related to each of your contacts? accross all your users, across your sales, support, and accounting departments? You can send a personalized offer to all accounts in "xx" that have purchased your products or services "yyy" for salesman "zzzz" and have a record of each successuful email tied back to each contact presented to each rep for followup. When someone responds and fills out a form on your web site you get an email, and the contact is automatically entered in more than one system creating a new contact records and merging existing records on the fly. Its easy to find information and easier still to communicate that information. It's magic.

If we can Imagine it, we can probably build it with TeleMagic and USA.NET. Putting TeleMagic and the internet to work for your business.

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