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This is TeleMagic's 25th year:  Organizing, Simplifying and Empowering computers, telephones, and people to work together for sustainable business success.

Yes, it is hard to believe that this is TeleMagics 25th year.  How many software titles have done that?  It's been almost ten years since Sage pulled the plug on R&D but not on sales.  Still delivering one of the best bangs for the buck, TeleMagic is licensed by the number of concurrent users.  There are no recurring fees or additional per "named user" costs.  It is available on-line Software as a Service SaaS with a quarterly subscription model, or it can be used with go global, terminal servers and other remote access solutions. 

We recently converted a Roofing contractors DOS TeleMagic which was highly customized and had been in use for 10 years to a TeleMagic for Windows System using hot buttons.  The 10-user system tracks roofing inquires through collections and deposits.  It automates proposals and scheduling jobs, it prepares invoices and posts payments for the daily deposit.  Joe Locke had attempted to replace his DOS TeleMagic with a custom application as he could not find anything off the shelf that worked better than his DOS eleMagic.  in fact, he spent many thousands of dollars on programming and in the end, did not get a functional system.  They told him that TeleMagic was dead.  But then they did not understand the power to build custom applications that is built into TeleMagic.   

So we undertook a conversion project.  it took 3 months,  now Joe has a complete service record and a new Google Maps link to every roof top in Tucson Arizona that he has ever touched.  over the past 11 years.    The boiler plate proposal generation and editing is automated with hotbuttons. Contracts and proposals are faxed using the automation server.  Microsoft word is now the word processor.  Outlook is now the email system.  A custom Accounts receivable program in Dos is now build in Telemagic using level 2.    The System has been up now for a year and a half with minimal support.  Call Joe and ask him if Telemagic is Dead or very much alive and indespensible for his business processes.   

Companies and individuals that have figured out that TeleMagic is a rapid application development tool (written in Visual Foxpro and Delphi) that can be rapidly configured and reconfigured to do many unique contact management tasks.  

My clients use it for suspect, prospect, new customer, customer retention tasks and even collections for workgroups charged with these functions.  It also works for recruiting, interviewing, employee records and human resources tasks. These TeleMagic users have often customized and linked their application with Hot Buttons, or Outlook Magic, or ... to the point where upgrading to more expensive and often more complex and less easily adapted contact managers is not so easy to do.   

Those that never got further than a rolladex and calendar get by fine with Outlook and countless other programs that do this.  All those lost and and forgotton contacts that would have purchased something if someone had just followed up.  

Those that imagined something new that could save time and increase profits, implement it in TeleMagic and do their thinking slightly out-side of the predefined box really get the true benefit from what TeleMagic can do to automate and organize the process.  There are an infinite variety of ways to set up and use TeleMagic for profit.

Yes it's amazing to see a software concept make it to 20+ years.  Or a software consultant for that matter.

Steve Heising has been using and supporting TeleMagic since 1985. 

Marketing Center Associates
Boulder Colorado USA 
Our 23rd year using TeleMagic and the Internet for Sustainable Enterprise.

Outsourcing is all the rage today. Using a hosted application is a cash conserving and painless way to go for many especially widely distributed organizations. Citrix, Terminal Server, GoGlobal and other technologies allow your applications to be used from anywhere over the internet, often with only a browser or thinclient on the users Client end.

TeleMagicOnline, Uses termial server thin client and browser applications, in addition, it users TeleMagic Thin Client and Browser based client as well offering more ways to access your data.

TeleSupport Help Desk is now a hosted application running with GoGlobal

USA.NET, the Global eMessaging Service Provider™, offers a completely outsourced eMessaging service including Microsoft Exchange – the worldwide communication and collaboration standard.

TeleGreet, OAG and others offer a complete range of TeleMagic based B2B TeleMarketing Services so you can outsource the entire range of services.

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