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Hindsight being 20/20, TeleMagic has proved to have been years ahead of its time.  This technology has served us well for 20 years. Many current TeleMagic users are expanding and new TM5 applications are being deployed even 2 years after Sage gave up supporting the application.  If the TeleMagic DOS version is any indication, these applications will live on for the foreseeable life of the Windows 2003/XP/2K/NT/98 platforms.  Now with TeleMagic Online, Go Global and other technologies there are even more new opportunities.

For TeleMagic users, version 5 is the end of the Windows line. Or is it? Add Hotbuttons or WinBatch and create your own version 6. TeleMagic is dead; long live the TeleMagic "Money Machine" applications we have created and the new ones we have yet to invent.
AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Tools
Viruses and Spyware are the bane of cyberspace.  Check out the following tools to identify and remove these pests.
  Web Link Hits
INFORMATION SECURITY A Few Good Metrics Information security metrics don't have to rely on heavy-duty math to be effective, but they also don't have to be dumbed down to red, yellow, green. Here are five smart measurements—and effective ways
     Zombies: The Digital Undead
Zombies: The Digital Undead Author: CipherTrust Inc. Thursday, 07 July 2005, 10:57 GMT Like the living dead, armies of “zombie” computers are disrupting corporate networks and sucking the life out of business-critical systems around
     Spybot Search and Destroy 1.3
Welcome to, the home of Spybot-S&D, the best (according to PC World, PC Mag, privacy software available! If you're new to Spybot-S&D, we recommend that you read a bit about it first (unless you want to skip that an
     How to Use Spybot Search and Destroy
If you suspect that you have spyware installed on your computer, then an excellent tool called Spybot - Search and Destroy can be used to remove them. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use Spybot - S&D to remove these programs from your c
     SpyBot-Search & Destroy 1.4 RC2b
Please uninstall previous versions before installing this one. SpyBot-S&D searches your hard drive for so-called spy- or adbots; little modules that are responsible for the ads many programs display. But many of these modules also transmit inform
     PrcView (Process Viewer) v3.7.3.1
Find out detailed information about the processes running under Windows. This utility gives you the full list of DLLs for each running application, including full path and version information. ...
     See What's Running on Your PC, Kill Background Programs
PCWORLD See What's Running on Your PC, Kill Background Programs Is Your PC acting like it has a mind of its own? Gain control of it with these programs.
     The (Uphill) Battle Against Spyware
The past, present, and future of this very annoying problem. PCWorld Article by Steve Bass Wednesday, April 13, 2005 Steve Bass writes the "Hassle-Free PC" column in PC World's print edition. Lots of good antispyware links.
     Broadband Tests and Tools
Broadband Tests and Tools - the page get performance, security and utility from your connection
     Instructions and Settings for SpyBot and Ad-Aware
Welcome to the Malware Removal website - a website and forum dedicated to helping people regain control of their computers. MalWare Removal Support for people with infected computers - we never give up till you are clean.
     AdAwareSE (Lavasoft)
Ad-aware Standard Edition is THE award winning, free*, multicomponent detection and removal utility that consistently leads the industry in safety, user satisfaction, support and reliability. With its ability to comprehensively scan your memory,
     How to use HijackThis
HijackThis Tutorial: How to use HijackThis to remove Browser Hijackers & Spyware. Warning! HijackThis should only be used if your browser or computer is still having problems after running Spybot or another Spyware/Hijacker remover. HijackThis is a
     HiJackThis 1.99.1
HijackThis is general homepage hijackers detector and remover. Initially based on the article Hijacked!, but expanded with almost a dozen other checks against hijacker tricks. It is continually updated to detect and remove new hijacks. It does not ta
     Lavasoft VX2 cleaner add-on
Lavasoft’s new add-on VX2 Cleaner detects the malware VX2 and offers you the ability to remove it from your computer. Some users have experienced a very difficult variant of VX2 which cannot be removed by Ad-Aware. For those users which have th
     Trend Micro.
Trend Micro's online virus scanner Give your PC a health-check while you surf the Web! HouseCall is a real-life demonstration of the power of the web-based technologies that Trend Micro is developing to make deployment and management of virus pr
     eTrust AntiVirus Web Scanner
Computer Associates Virus Information Center
     Panda Active Scan
Check if you are safe from viruses and spyware free with Panda ActiveScan Scans, disinfects and eliminates over 90,000 viruses, worms and Trojans from all system devices, hard disks, compressed files and all your email folders. View more features.
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