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TeleMagic Upgrades and New Licenses are still available from Sage Best Software.  Support and R&D from Best are the only things that have been discontinued.  TeleMagic resellers are still supporting and developing new application based on TeleMagic's Customizable Technology. 

For many applications, TeleMagic 5 still provides the best value (Bang for the Buck) for a totally customizable contact centered database.  It's a totally different thing to work with software that is designed to adapt to your changing needs, vs trying to fit your process into someone elses idea of how it should work.

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Written by George R. Sikora   
Aug 29, 2006 at 10:29 AM
We have recently created a new addition for TeleMagic v5sp4 that we call TLC (TeleMagic Language Converter). I thought that it may be of interest to some of you with non-English speaking users.

TLC converts "field descriptions (labels)" and TM buttons, on the fly FOR EACH LOGGED ON USER, from the base language into the language of choice. The default base language is English, but this can easily be changed.

We created this tool since more than half of our installs are outside of the USA, and many users prefer / require their own language on screen. TLC currently can convert up to 8 languages (e.g. Spanish, French, Flemish, Portuguese...) per installation. That seemed to be far more than necessary.  Note that TLC only has been tested with languages that employ the English alphabet thus far, but I am told that Windows will handle the conversion to non-English letters such as Russian Cyrillic. We shall see.  Also note that you (or your client) must fill in a table with the appropriate label translations. Our screens use many abbreviations, so our sample translations were not, ummm, perfect <smile>. I am sure that yours will be however.

Anyway, we are willing to offer this to any of you that may find it useful.  Just make us an offer. There are no AMP discounts as we will not sell it individually, but rather we bundle it into our TRAXX! system. There is no support included, but available if required for a charge. It is rather simple to install and use.

If interested, let me know privately and I will send a brief description in a Word doc.

I hope that you will find it useful in helping you continue to promote and use TeleMagic.


George R. Sikora

TMI, Ltd.

1247 Midwest Lane

Wheaton, IL 60187

Tel: 630-752-1484

Fax: 630-752-1556


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