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TeleMagic Upgrades and New Licenses are still available from Sage Best Software.  Support and R&D from Best are the only things that have been discontinued.  TeleMagic resellers are still supporting and developing new application based on TeleMagic's Customizable Technology. 

For many applications, TeleMagic 5 still provides the best value (Bang for the Buck) for a totally customizable contact centered database.  It's a totally different thing to work with software that is designed to adapt to your changing needs, vs trying to fit your process into someone elses idea of how it should work.

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Written by Steve Heising   
May 05, 2006 at 01:45 PM
Good points, Dean. SageCRM is a little more difficult to customize than TM;

easier than SalesLogix and way more capable than MS-CRM or

Because it's web-based you can go "out of the box" by using ASP, but that's

just another language to learn if your client needs extreme customization.

One of the really good selling tools is that a prospect can get a 30-day

free trial of the hosted (read: "out of the box version," called, then pay only $69/month/user to continue, with 50% of their

payments credited toward purchase of the in-house version, which you can

then customize for them. Pricing is based on the accounting/SalesLogix

model -- buy the master module then buy licenses for each user. SageCRM

comes in two flavors they call 100 and 200. 100 supports up to 30 users, is

$1,495 for the master module plus $595/user. 200 is for more than 31 users,

has more features and is priced at $4,995/master plus $795/user. If you

want to take a look and test drive of the hosted version, go to my website

and click on the "Free 30-day trial of" box.

For most TM clients, there still is no other product that will do so much,

so easily, and so inexpensively.

Paul E. Schmidt

Computer Evaluations

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From: Crm-pro on

Behalf Of Dean Penderghast

Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 4:02 AM

Subject: Re: CRM-PRO: FW: Important Annoucement for TeleMagic Resellers

I worked for a guy for three months who is an authorized SageCRM dealer.

None of my TeleMagic clients could be converted to SageCRM due to the amount

of customization we do with TeleMagic and the few clients who use TeleMagic

in a 'basic' sense saw SageCRM as too much and too expensive.

From the two installations that I did, it went pretty well. However I was very

disappointed with the lack of a good screen designer and easy customization

that we all take for granted with TeleMagic. Something very basic like

automaticly separating the area code from the phone number became a 4 hour

task and it still didn't work that well.

For companies who are looking at Sales Logix or, then SageCRM is a great package. Client that use TeleMagic and have customized Telemagic to fit their needs, SageCRM most likely will not work for them unless they want to spend A LOT of money in programming costs.

Dean Penderghast, Consultant

Sales Automation Services, Inc.


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From: Anthony Schultz

Sent: 05/03/2006 12:14 PM

To: Crm-pro

Subject: Re: CRM-PRO: FW: Important Annoucement for TeleMagic Resellers

Is SageCRM any good?

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From: Crm-pro

On Behalf Of Paul Schmidt

Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 2:31 PM

To: Crm-pro

Subject: Re: CRM-PRO: FW: Important Annoucement for TeleMagic Resellers

If any of you have prospects for SageCRM, I am certified/authorized and

would be happy to either source it for you, or work as a sub-contractor if

any of your TM clients are interested in the product. Contact me privately

if you want to work together on any sagecrm opportunities.

Paul E. Schmidt

Computer Evaluations

Providers of Business Process Automation consulting and CRM/SFA Solutions

with SageCRM; ACT!; WiredContact; SalesLogix; MS-CRM and TeleMagic.

SageCRM, ACT! and WiredContact Certified Consultant; Certified SalesLogix

Affiliate; Authorized TeleMagic Master VAR; Certified TeleMagic University

site; MS-CRM Trained; Intel Products Dealer; Microsoft OEM

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From: Crm-pro

On Behalf Of Larry Breed

Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 12:39 PM

To: CRM List

Subject: CRM-PRO: FW: Important Annoucement for TeleMagic Resellers

Let's all sign up for the briefing so we can hear first hand about this

great new CRM program from Sage.


From: "Sage CRM Solutions">

To: lbreed

Sent on: 05/03/2006 12:54:00 PM

Subject: Important Annoucement for TeleMagic Resellers


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Dear TeleMagic Reseller:

In May, we will be sending a letter to existing TeleMagic customers providing them an opportunity to migrate to Sage CRM or We will be offering customers a chance to see the product in a live Webcast on May 24, 2006. They can sign up at the Sage Webcast Center. TeleMagic customers will be offered either $100 off Sage CRM 100 seat licenses or $200 off Sage CRM 200 seat licenses. For more information on Sage CRM, please visit our Sage CRM Web site.  To view a copy of the letter, click here:


Sage CRM Solutions

Sage Software, Inc.

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