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Sage has run out of TM version 5 manual sets.  No problem.  The manals are available in PDF format.   The printed (now electronic) manuals were pretty generic about what you can do in TeleMagic.  They were not so good about detailing actual templates that we have buildt with TeleMagic to perform specific contact functions.  Much of the information is contained in the online help system. (which needs a registry hack to run the *.chm files from network servers). 

Likely they are available else where on the Web.  But I like to get mine from "Down Under".  Broadband for the Bush!  Thanks Niall.  The files were originally included on the V5.0 distribution CD under the DOCS folder.  Nial also produces the most comprehensive Application Specific Documentation for TeleMagic that we have ever seen.
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Written by Steve Heising   
May 26, 2005 at 09:10 AM
Invitation to Join TeleMagicUSA.NET

TeleMagic is still one the the most cost effective way to organize and simplify business processes leading to increased sales, improved productivity, and profit for stake holders.   TeleMagicUSA.NET is a central resource which highlights the incredibly diverse business process automation solutions that are used daily and have already been created for TeleMagic.  The site is intended to organize and simplify access to TeleMagic support, and to promote interaction within the community that continues to embrace and support this intellectual property.  We don't need to reinvent the wheel.  With a little cooperation, we have become totally self supporting.  Many of us will live to see TeleMagic celebrate 30 years.  Perhaps well even see TeleMagic (the philosophy if not the actual code) continuing to work faster and smarter in 2015.  Imagine something like software working for 30 years?  20 years? 5 years?

TeleMagicUSA.NET.  A Single Source for Everything Related to TeleMagic. 

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Please copy and paste some screen shots of your TeleMagic solution into a word doc and describe what it does to serve your business process, and something it does that you created specifically for your process that is unique to your business.   Better yet, create a template with a couple of records containing your contact information and donate to the TeleMagic Open Source Project.  We'll post them and a link them back to your company website or to your TeleMagic information and get the networking ball rolling. 

Any help with content or with web space, comments, tools, reciprocial links, web search promotion would be greatly appreciated.  As we are all we've got, a little competitive cooperation couldn't hurt.  The pond may be shinking, but the fishing is getting better.  Sustainability and even growth can be achieved.  Hey if somebody sees my template and likes it, and wants my help to implement it, who am I to say no to that.

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