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Written by Steve Heising   
May 01, 2005 at 05:28 PM
Steve Heising, MBA
Marketing Center Associates
P.O. Box 18432
Boulder, CO 80038-1432

Putting TeleMagic and the Internet to work for sustainability.  TeleMagician since version 8.3b in 1986.  More than 300 installations and counting.  Custom Databases, Imports and Exports.  Email and Web services, USA.NET CMS e-mail and hosted Microsoft Exchange services since 1997.  Information Systems Consultant - Work group databases, strategy and tactics for successful IS implementation.  Setup and support for in house and outsourced solutions, TeleMagic, TeleMagic Online, GoGlobal, Terminal Services.  Moving forward, I would like to be able to help more companies with Green and Sustainable products invent new and sustainable ways to do business. 

BioTech Startup through Venture Capital:  1981-1989 - 8 years with Evans BioControl Company. Startup though 8.5 million in venture capital, 0 to 60 employees and 0 - 3 facilities. Sales Rep, Greenhouse Manager, Marketing Director, Vice President. Although the venture capital funded adventure ultimately failed, (and I can tell you about three business principles that were overlooked or ignored, and why we failed), three biological control products and techniques we pioneered; parasitic wasps for control of flies in feedlots and daries, protozoan pathogens for controlling grasshoppers, and entomogenous nematodes for suppressing hydroponic greenhouse pests are in common use today.  Created new database applications and setup and adapted my first TeleMagic contact database for this highly seasonal adventure.

Computer Related Employment:  1989-2006 - 17th year of self-employment providing database and internet information services. TeleMagic, Act, GoldMine, USA.NET, UCN In-Contact, PeakWebHosting, and several other products and services over the years. While it doesn't usually work right the first time we try something new (as in a new release), it usually works right in the end.  If there is a bug in a new version of software, I can find it, and then usually quickly find a workaround.  I've given up supporting the other popular legacy products Act! and Goldmine (less flexible and less robust) and currently support custom TeleMagic and TeleMagic database applications, small networks, email and web based solutions.

Largest Projects:  2 to 3 days per week for 3 years. Novell Network Administrator for REBOUND! a Private Juvenile Corrections company.  Hardware, software and user training. Incrementally swapped out 60 stand alone "286" pc's and built a network of 75 "386" workstations with "486" servers across fiber and leased lines for 3 facilities. 180 users (not counting the residents in the school's computer lab). Supported 2 shifts plus office staff in Denver.  Built a similar network for the Charles Hickey School in Baltimore, MD under Rebound Contract.  Developed and implemented outbound customer contact applications for a number of large catalog operations.  TeleMagic and support for 7 years w/ Northern Tool and Equipment, MN and 8 years w/ Premier Greetings, 2 years w/ Positive Promotions, NY, Honeywell, MN.  5 years with Great American Business Products TX and many more closer to home in Colorado.

Most Fun:  Biological control and bug farming were the most fun.  8 years Supporting TeleMagic for the International Golf Tournament.  Implemented a Contacts, Ticket Packages, and Payments application with New and Renewal Commission Tracking with export for payments data to accounting application and shipping data to UPS tracking system.  Building a content oriented web site for energy effective lighting, http://www.SunWaveLighting.Net for American Environmental Products.

Uniquely Successful Projects: Finding a source for 10,000 Melanoplus differentialis grasshopper egg pods to increase pathogen production.  Using TeleMagic to contact entomologists all over the country, found a likely population near Columbia Missouri.  Recruited labor, and field collected enough young female hoppers to setup a temporary rearing facility in a greenhouse at the University of Missouri (with considerable help from faculty and graduate students.)  Converted a TeleMagic for DOS substitute teacher application that had been running for 11 years to TeleMagic for Windows for the Laramie County School District #1 in Cheyenne, WY.  The application we have developed is used every school day to schedule and track substitutes.  In addition, to scheduling, it collects payroll and federal reimbursement coding data for import into their SAP payroll application.

Not For Profit: 1978-2006 - 27 years National Ski Patrol. National Appointment #8210, Avalanche Instructor, First Aid Instructor, Ski and Tobboggan Examiner, Hesperus Ski Patrol Treasurer, twice and 23 years Ski Patrol Ski Swap fund raising experience.  The Swap recently broke 280K gross sales for the 1-day equipment consignment fundraising event.

Education: 1977 BS Biology w/Chemistry/Math-Physics minors, Highest Distinction, Phi Beta Kappa.  University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.  1978-79 traveled and worked in Europe for a year, then MBA MIS/Marketing 1981 Beta Gamma Sigma University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

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