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Although the software has evolved into a stable and robust set of rapid application development tools, looking back, the conversion from dos to windows was mismanaged from the acquisition.  Sage's release of the first few versions of TeleMagic for Windows (conversion from the number one dos based system to windows, proved seriously flawed,  Versions 3 and 5 were too little too late. 

Now 3 years "Officially" left for dead on side of the CRM database information superhighway, (customers to be scavenged by and integrated into other Sage CRM products lines), TeleMagic applications have been quietly out living and out-performing expectations.  Many of the custom business applications developed in TeleMagic have refused to die.  Research and Development and Sage corporate level product support are both dead, yet independent resellers, developers and end users continue to quietly purchase new licenses and find new things that TeleMagic can do. 

Many successful applications take advantage of the customizability and the original TeleMagic organizational models in outbound and inbound customer contact centered applications that still run circles around other models.  Now three years after the Official sunset, Sage runs out of printed manuals.  They must have printed a fairly large run and they are not likely to print any more but the point is that new licenses continute to be deployed. 

The days of the boxed and bound product are over yet TeleMagic lives on in companies everywhere.  A new Outlook 2003 module is about to be released by Bruce Durrant, a Canadian developer (who supplies TeleMagic with Hot Buttons Enhancement Software to the White House), with the companies blessing (they allowed him access to the source code for a tight integration), but not with any backing. 

And the Sage TeleMagic saga continues.  The software lives on, inspite of any efforts to convert users to other Sage titles.  I personally look forwared to the release of the outlook 2003 link as this essentially brings TeleMagic up to date with all the features and security enhancements found in this corporate email standard that is supported fully by USA.NET hosted exchange services.  
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Written by Steve Heising   
May 04, 2005 at 04:40 PM
Support is available for TeleMagic from many sources.
Your Authorized Marketing Partner. or the person who sold you TeleMagic (if you are still speaking with them) is your first line of defense. Quite a few TeleMagic resellers I've met will not upgrade TeleMagic once they got it running well, because in the new version stuff that used to work is often broken.

Version 14, Version 3.5 and Version 5 are rock solid and stable however Windows 2000 and newer platforms is best version.

Find a TMAMP Near You

Your amp may be a member of the tmamp-listserver and may be listed elsewhere on this site.  The site offers an Excel worksheet listing authorized resellers.  There are numerous programmers and networking resources that can help with TeleMagic.

Maintenance Agreements:
Now that version 5 has been out for several years, maintenance agreements are no longer needed.  Good for you, bad for the software publisher as they like recurring revenue streams and monthly per user fees.

Your TeleMagic Software Maintenance contract included unlimited email and fax support. In My experience, often you don't ask the right question, or you get an answer that does not work out and you are stuck without an answer. But you do get all the patches fixes and new releases (read this as, You get to download them and see if they work to solve your problem - maybe maybe not).

You don't get the NET CLIENT or Optional Modules. They are upgrades that are not included with your maintenance unless you have licensed them separately from your 4.x licenses then they presumably include their own maintenance. Maintenance also gives you a steady budget number to work with to keep your software current, but you still have pay someone to do all the work.

It is generally advised to have a separate test environment, and a good backup before applying and testing any upgrades. It's never a good idea to assume that everything will go right the first time. And as always, if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

As Is Bugs and All:
Unfortunately, with so may real world variables, the only thing we get is Software that is AS IS. Bugs and all. Try it before you buy it. If something doesn't work then so what. If it's really broke, they will fix it eventually, sometimes even right away sometimes not until after you maintenance and patience run out.

And even then you have to backup your system, download and apply the patch(es) and or update(s), and hope the solution actually works in your environment. It never pays to be too close to the bleeding edge in the software business, unless the solution gives you a competitive advantage, a big increase in sales, and huge costs savings or both. And when it works, it gives you all three.

So the best we can get or do is our "Best Efforts".

No Guarantees
No Warranties:
THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Nor is TeleMagic merchantable or fit for any purpose whatsoever. ... No incidental or consequential damages... With legalese like that it's a wonder that any body can get it to do anything. It's been a pretty customer unfriendly environment down in Dallas ever since the "team in Texas and owners across the pond" took over. I've been their customer for almost fourteen years, and they continue still expect us to find and report all their bugs, to constantly download and apply fixes and updates, (fix one thing and two more break) and all the time all we wanted is for it to work like it is supposed to work. Doesn't anybody really test the stuff before releasing in on unsuspecting customers? I've come to expect every new version of something to break in new and mysterious ways every time we try something new, but I don't have to like it.  Version 5 is going to be released soon. Now is a good time to get into V3.5c++ or 4.5.6sp2 and get started with proven reliable combinations.

And I've learned over the years to treat my customers better than what they are expecting. It has not always been easy.

20 years in the TeleMagic business, thats a long time.

TMDOS: V8.3b, V9, V10, V11, V12.2, V12.3f, V14.1, V14.2,V14.5 V14.7

TMWindows: V1, V1.5, V2.x, V3.5c+, V4.x, V4.5.6SP2, NC1, NC1.5 and V5 Sp1,2,3 and 4.
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