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Hindsight being 20/20, TeleMagic has proved to have been years ahead of its time.  This technology has served us well for 20 years. Many current TeleMagic users are expanding and new TM5 applications are being deployed even 2 years after Sage gave up supporting the application.  If the TeleMagic DOS version is any indication, these applications will live on for the foreseeable life of the Windows 2003/XP/2K/NT/98 platforms.  Now with TeleMagic Online, Go Global and other technologies there are even more new opportunities.

For TeleMagic users, version 5 is the end of the Windows line. Or is it? Add Hotbuttons or WinBatch and create your own version 6. TeleMagic is dead; long live the TeleMagic "Money Machine" applications we have created and the new ones we have yet to invent.
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May 12, 2004 at 11:54 AM
Who is Sage

The worlds largest Accounting Software Company. 

Best Software (owned by Sage) acquired Sage US Holdings (who had previously bought TeleMagic from Remote Control) shortly after the defunct divison had been transferred  to Interact Commerce Corporation.  Interact (started by the original creator of act after his non compete had expired) had Sales Logix (and had recently bought ACT back from Symantec.) 

Interact Commerce was rolled into Best Software, adding even more titles to the Sage portfolio.  They have recently announced that they will be changing their name back to SAGE.  Sage US Holdings made a number of notable of management blunders (that would make a great MBA case study) and according to Michael McCafferty, Sage never did make good on their promise to spend enough on R&D and on sales and marketing for TeleMagic. About 6 year into the venture, management was unhappy with performance and decided to pull the plug.  Rather than close, the division's assets were transferred to other related entities.  You don't become top dog if you kill the cow while it is still milking, and if you have an opportunity to upgrade users to new cows in the extended family. 

Never the less, TeleMagic continues to exceed user expectations and is currently sold by the Sales Logix division of Best Software/Sage.  But you don't see any mention of TeleMagic anywhere. The message to try one of the other more profitable brands is quite undeniable. 

Sage U.S.Holdings, Inc. was a wholly owned subsidiary of The Sage Group, plc. , based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Known for acquiring and developing business niche market products, The Sage Group, plc. is the parent company for numerous software publishers worldwide. Through its aggressive acquisition growth strategy. Sage has grown to be the largest publisher of accounting software in the world. Based in Dallas, Texas, Sage U.S. Holdings, Inc. was approximately 200 employees and four product lines.

TeleMagic is a well-known leader in the growing category of workforce automation and contact management software. It is a comprehensive business/sales automation system that is designed for enterprise-wide use of a single relational database in companies or departments with up to 100 employees. A complete workgroup package, the program includes many commonly used office automation applications in an integrated design. A sample of the business activities included in TeleMagic are word processing, individual and group faxing with complete mail merge capabilities, Email, activity scheduling and report generation utilizing a full FoxPro report writer.
TeleMagic, first published in 1985, also meets specific needs within a broad range of industries with its complete customization options. The national channel of certified TeleMagic resellers are trained to completely customize TeleMagic to meet the specific requirements of nearly any industry environment.
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